Faith Based Recovery Initiative

Faith-Based Community Recovery Initiatives

Overview:       Approximately 10-12 faith communities in a targeted area will participate in a structured educational program over a 4 month period, designed to expand
awareness of addiction issues, increase knowledge of the disease concept and its applicability in pastoral counseling, and how to establish recovery ministries in faith communities.


(1)  To educate ministers, staff and lay leaders on addiction issues so as to increase their knowledge, awareness and understanding in ways that enhance their ministry, and to explain the vital role faith communities can (must) play in Recovery Oriented Communities of Care.

(2) To prepare participants for an effective SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment) program in their churches.

(3) To offer on-going training and dialogue on related issues such as:

    • spiritual dimensions of the 12 Steps
    • mental health and substance abuse recovery awareness and support services
    • community resources
    • how/when/where to refer


Invite pastors and lay leaders to participate in a 4 month program:

Month 1:  Introduction and overview of program, establish schedule, cover     disease concept of addiction, discussion and networking
Month 2:  Q & A from experiences since last meeting, cover SBIRT—what it is, how it works, how to modify for faith communities, review of assessment tools, participate in role play exercises, discussion and networking
Month 3:  Working with families on issues of addiction—how to involve families in a recovery program.  Introduction of models of recovery ministry and assignment about deciding what such a ministry would look like in each individual congregation participating here, discussion and networking
Month 4:  Conclusion…..cover a wide-range of topics to make sure all participants have a working knowledge of language, concepts, modalities etc….connection to a web-site that provides continuing education, reference and networking opportunities.

Location:  TBD

For more information call Burke Recovery at 828-433-1221.

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