Burke Substance Abuse Network (BSAN)

Burke Substance Abuse Network (BSAN) is a coalition of providers, support groups, related agencies and other stakeholders who come together to:  (a) network; (b) identify gaps in service; and (c) strategically plan response to community needs as they relate to the reduction of substance abuse and use in youth, young adults, their families, and all citizens of Burke County for long term community health.

BSAN Partners include, but are not limited to: Treatment Providers, Medical Community, Pharmacists, Law Enforcement, Faith Community, Recovery Communities, Consumers, Human Svc Agencies, Media, Educational Leaders, Mental Health Organization, Prisons, Governmental Leaders, Businesses, Youth, and Veterans.

Consider that:

  • Substance abuse is a critical issue facing Burke County:
  • National statistics indicate that 5-10% of the general public has a chemical dependency problem (4.500-9,000 people in Burke County) —but less than 13% of those get any treatment. An additional 20-25% of the general public abuse substances (up to 25,000 people in Burke County).
  • This creates a tremendous human and financial burden on all aspects of our community.
  • It is an issue that cannot be solved by any one provider, agency or funding source but, working together, we can make a difference!

What impact can BSAN have in Burke County?

BSAN is creating a vibrant, Recovery Oriented Community of Care in Burke County by inviting a wide array of community resources to join together to create more options for treatment and recovery support services for every individual and family who needs help. This means public and private sectors working together with law enforcement, educators, business and civic leaders, and the faith community—collaborating with human service agencies, medical, pharmaceutical, treatment and recovery fellowships.

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