Prevention / Education

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The purpose of the STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM is to HELP students develop positive self concepts as well as learning coping and decision making skills in order to promote healthy drug free lifestyle choices.
The program will provide counseling services to students with school, peer, family and alcohol and other drug related problems. The program will also provide a procedure for early identification of students experiencing these problems.


School Intervention Program (ScIP)

ScIP is an alternative to suspension for students who violate the school’s drug free policy.  ScIP provides alcohol & drug education for the middle & high school students who are experimenting with alcohol/drugs or those considered at risk for future alcohol/drug use. 


Faith-Based Community Recovery Initiative

Purpose: to raise awareness of addiction issues, educate clergy and laity on how to recognize, talk about and, when appropriate, help them make good referrals for treatment. Work with classes of 10-12 faith communities, represented by clergy and laity. Contact Burke Recovery at 828-433-1221 for more information.


Prescription Med Abuse Initiative

Purpose: to raise community awareness of prescription med abuse issues and to establish collaborative working relationships with doctors, pharmacies and law enforcement. BCACD is a member of a team of community providers/leaders whose goal is to design, manage and monitor a program dealing with prescription med abuse. For more information call Burke Recovery at 828-433-1221.

Local Industry / Civic Club / Organization Awareness Initiative

Purpose: educate local businesses, civic clubs and community organizations on SA/addiction issues. GOAL: 24+ presentations to 1,000+ individuals –help build a Recovery Oriented Community of Care in Burke County.
For more information call Burke Recovery at 828-433-1221.

Burke Recovery Public Education & Training Initiative

Purpose: Establish Burke Recovery as a source for public education and professional development on issues relating to substance abuse/dependence. We would offer three public education sessions (Parenting Skills on April 28, 2011) and three professional development trainings (motivational interviewing etc…) at a community site. For more information call Burke Recovery at 828-433-1221.

Burke Substance Abuse Network (BSAN)

Purpose: bring together on a regular basis all providers and stakeholders involved with substance abuse issues in Burke County… help us establish a Recovery Oriented Community of Care in the county. For more information call Burke Recovery at 828-433-1221.

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